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Sky Lanterns

Sky Lantern

Sky lanterns (also known as Chinese lanterns) have been known to start fires, which have in some cases developed into major incidents. They are increasingly being banned by local legislation and Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service does not support the use of sky lanterns.

What NOT To Do

  • Do not launch sky lanterns when there are standing crops in fields
  • Do not launch sky lanterns near fields where animals graze. Animals may ingest the metal frame causing unnecessary pain and suffering
  • Do not launch sky lanterns near roads
  • Do not launch sky lanterns near to power lines
  • Do not launch sky lanterns within five miles of an airfield
  • Do not launch sky lanterns in wind speeds in excess of five miles per hour
  • Do not launch sky lanterns when under the influence of alcohol or other substances which affect your judgement
  • Do not launch damaged sky lanterns

What TO Do

  • Use a launch area that is clear of any combustible materials
  • Have water supplies to hand in case the sky lantern catches fire
  • Consider using a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to sky lanterns

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