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For Emergencies
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For emergencies
Call 999
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On-Call payment system

Our On-Call Firefighters receive a variety of payments for providing cover, training and responding to emergencies.

Firefighter Training

As well as the current fees outlined below, we are also looking at alternative remuneration packages for a more flexible working arrangement.

Retaining fee

A retaining fee is paid for the hours of cover that an On-Call Firefighter provides and will vary depending on the amount of cover agreed.

Disturbance fee

This is a set amount that is paid each time an On-Call Firefighters responds to an emergency.

Hourly rate

Once alerted, an On-Call Firefighter is paid at a set hourly rate for the duration of the emergency call. They are also paid at this rate for any training or additional work that they do for the Service.

Role Hourly Rate Disturbance Fee
On-Call Firefighter
Trainee £10.88 £4.18 per call
Development £11.34 £4.18 per call
Competent £14.51 £4.18 per call
On-Call Crew Commander
Development £15.42 £4.18 per call
Competent £16.08 £4.18 per call


Newly recruited On-Call Firefighters start on the trainee hourly rate of pay and stay on it until they have completed all the acquisition training modules. They then progress to the development hourly rate of pay until their portfolio is completed, usually after two years. At this point they will graduate to the competent hourly rate of pay.

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