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Kitchen Appliances

Washing machine in the Kitchen

In 2018/19 Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service attended 20 accidental house fires where a kitchen appliance such as a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher or fridge freezer was the source of ignition. Increasingly the appliance catching fire has already been recalled by the manufacturer.

What NOT To Do

Ignorning safety when using a microwave
  • Do not use washing machines, tumble dryers or dishwashers overnight or when you are out of the house. A fire risk can be posed by their high wattage, friction and motors
  • Do not ignore product recalls or safety notices, they are highlighting a known safety issue to you

What TO Do

Using a washing machine correctly
  • Check whether your kitchen appliances have been recalled or a safety notice has been issued for them on the Electrical Safety First product database
  • Register your kitchen appliances with manufacturers so that you are notified of any future recalls or safety notices
  • Be aware that you can register kitchen appliances that you have not owned from new as you are still eligible to be notified of recalls and safety notices
  • Always use your kitchen appliances in line with the manufacturer’s guidance
  • Maintain your appliances by removing lint from tumble dryers, or periodically vacuum behind appliances to stop dust from building up
  • Do not block or cover vents or any other openings on kitchen appliances
  • If your tumble dryer has a ventilation pipe, ensure it is free of kinks and is not crushed in any way
  • Ensure you have working smoke alarms on each level of your home and test them every month
  • Consider requesting a Fire and Wellness Visit to review fire precautions within your home and receive additional advice and guidance

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