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Student Accommodation

Students should go through a fire safety checklist in their new student accommodation.

University and college students who have moved away from home are urged to go through a simple fire safety checklist aimed at reducing the risk of fire in their new student accommodation. If they are in halls of residence they need to be familiar with the evacuation strategy for the building.

Fire Safety for people in shared or rented accommodation – fire safety guidance aimed at students and other people sharing homes.

What TO Do

  • If a fire starts raise the alarm and dial 999
  • If you are living in accommodation that is not a hall of residence, ensure you have smoke alarms on each level of your home and test them monthly
  • Take extra care with cigarettes or smoking materials. When a cigarette is finished, put it right out
  • Practice an escape plan with your housemates
  • Keep escape routes clear

What NOT To Do

  • Do not attempt to cook while under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol
  • Do not leave cooking unattended
  • Do not leave laptops, e-cigarettes, vaporisers, phones and other items on charge unattended or overnight
  • Do not leave candles or tea lights unattended and do not use them unless they are in safe holders
  • Do not smoke or vape in bed
  • Do not prop self-closing doors open, they are there to reduce the spread of fire

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