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Equality and Diversity Data Report

We recognise that having a diverse, flexible workforce can enhance performance and understanding of our communities and improve our services.

We believe that a workforce, which better reflects the diversity of the local public, will create a stronger, more enriched and well-informed organisation, able to meet the expectations of a modern fire and rescue service.

Our aim is to maintain a skilled and committed workforce which more closely reflects the diverse communities we serve.

To help us understand how well our workforce reflects the communities we serve, and to help people understand our workforce, we report on and monitor our equality and diversity data.

Monitoring is the collection of statistical data, through questionnaires or surveys, to measure performance and improvement. In this case it’s using that information people provide about themselves to help measure performance and improvement in relation to equality and diversity. This is a way of measuring change and identifying issues that affect our staff and service users.

It is completely the individual’s choice as to whether they choose to disclose information (except for age and gender which is required for payroll and pension information). Data is kept confidentially, and when analysed and published, it is not on an individual level. The Equality Act public sector duty guidance recognises and respects this good practice.

Documents containing our equality and diversity data are available to download below.